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APRIL 2019

About one hundred photos are added to the Accor Photo Library every day.

That means that over 187,000 images can currently be viewed and used by all the Group’s employees. However, whether you’re looking for the latest photos of your hotel, or selecting images for an internal communication document, it isn’t always easy to navigate your way through this labyrinth of images. Do you know exactly what you’re looking for? Are you using the right search strategy and techniques? Have you entered the right keywords?
The Photo Library is a powerful search tool and users can choose and combine a series of search techniques for best results. If you know how to search correctly, you’ll save time and find just what you want – or the next best thing.

Why not take 15 minutes to learn how to search correctly?

You know exactly what you want, but don’t know where to find it.

Use the advanced search and batch search features.
Select your field (hotel code, brand, city, room type, name of photographer, etc.) and enter the corresponding value or choose one from the thesaurus (“open book” icon). The advanced search feature allows you to combine several fields (and/or), while batch search allows you to list several values (e.g. a selection of photo credits).

You’re not quite sure what you want…

Use the theme-based browsing, general search and faceted search features and let yourself be guided step by step until you’ve found what you were looking for.
For example, let’s assume you’re looking for a photo that evokes the atmosphere of a winter sports destination.
Type the word “mountain” into the general search zone and then narrow your search by selecting keywords from the suggestion list in the faceted search zone (on the left): snow > winter > ski, etc.
Alternatively, click on Destination Photos > France and then select a ski resort from the suggestion list.
You could also use the search by geolocation feature to find photos within a given area around your chosen destination. Just click on the globe icon located beneath the photo preview to display them on a map. Then you can zoom in and out and skim over the map to view the images available in your designated area.

You’re looking for… inspiration!

Use the search by keyword and search by color features.
Click on the “keyword” link in the search bar to consult the list of suggested keywords and select one to preview the corresponding photos.
Use the color search palette to display all the pictures with the same dominant color.
Narrow your search as you find inspiration. It’s that simple!

Did you know?

- You can right click on a photo preview to “Find photos with similar colors”.
- You can click on the “Last search” link in the search bar to find the results of your last search.


If your computer has gone silent or is whirring it generally means your search has been inconclusive. You need to either “narrow” your search because the photo is hidden in a morass of other images, or “rephrase” it because the relevant information has not been found.
The Photo Library’s archivists tag hundreds of images a day to prevent this from happening. They are well-versed in the subtle art of image cataloguing and searching and are happy to help you find the pictures you need. Contact them at:

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Photo credit: © Accor Photo Library
Author: Accorstudio – Date: 02/04/2019