General conditions of use


The contents of this Site consist of works from various sources and authors, in respect of which exploitation rights are exclusively assigned for the purposes of the iconographic promotion and marketing of the Accor Group and its brands, for a limited period.
In this context, every photo or other document available on the Site is accompanied by an information sheet (known as an “Info Sheet”) which the User must consult before any use, in order to ensure that the scope of the rights granted to Accor is compatible with the planned usage. The conditions of use contained in these document files and made available on the Site have contractual force. Users undertake to comply strictly with the conditions of use defined in the file attached to each document, and with any additional conditions that may be established between the User and Accor.

Subject to complete compliance by the User (i) with the GCU and (ii) with the conditions of use defined in the Info Sheets attached to each document, Accor grants the User a defined, temporary, non-transferable and non-exclusive usage right in respect of the selected documents.
Any other rights are expressly excluded, and in particular, but without prejudice to the generality, the rights (i) to reproduce, represent, adapt and/or translate; (ii) to extract; or (iii) to create any work derived from all or part of the Site, other than in the context defined in this paragraph and in the paragraphs “Observance of third-party rights” and “Prohibitions and restrictions”.

In the event of doubt as to the conditions of use applicable to the documents, Users can contact the Site administrator:


The Accor Photo Library site and each of the elements (including the domain name, graphical elements, photos, text, videos, logos, brands, etc.) represented therein are protected by current French and international intellectual property legislation and are the property of the Accor Group and/or of its brands. Failure to observe the intellectual property rights may give rise to civil and/or criminal penalties.

None of the elements comprising the Site may be copied, reproduced, altered, republished, loaded, distorted, transmitted or distributed in any way whatever using any medium whatever, whether in whole or in part, without the prior written consent of Accor, with the exception of usage strictly for personal, private and non-commercial purposes, without alteration of the elements present on the Site.
In particular, the following notice must appear on any authorised copy of all or part of the content of the Site: “© Copyright Accor Photo Library”.
Any other use of the Site or its elements that is not expressly authorised would constitute a breach of Accor rights punishable as a breach of copyright under the Intellectual Property Code.

Any person accessing the Site has a personal, non-exclusive, non-assignable and non-transferable right to consult the information contained on the Site, for his or her own purposes and for professional purposes.
He or she is authorised to extract and/or reuse part of the content of the Site for professional consultation purposes.


Any use of a work without the written consent of the author or without the written consent of the person photographed/filmed, is a breach of copyright within the meaning of the law.

Observance of copyright
The contents (photos, videos, documents, etc.) of the Accor Photo Library Site constitute intellectual works within the meaning of the Intellectual Property Code. Every author holds the exploitation and moral rights over his or her work (and in particular the right to respect for his or her name and work).
In order to ensure complete observance of the copyright concerned, users undertake to exploit every item of content in strict compliance with the legal conditions set out in the Info Sheet for the said content.
Failure to observe the rights of authors and of their rights-holders may give rise to civil and/or criminal penalties.
When works are used in any way whatever, a notice relating to the copyright of the author or authors must be affixed. The copyright notice to be affixed is indicated in the Info Sheet associated with each work, in the form “@ Forename Family Name” of the author. This legal notice must appear in such a way that there is no ambiguity or confusion as to the identity of the author of the work.

Observance of the image right of persons photographed and/or filmed
Persons photographed and/or filmed have authorised the use of their image in a particular way and for the stated period, if it is limited.


The Site’s contents are intended for the promotion, development and marketing of the Accor Group and its brands.

In the absence of the prior written consent of AccorHotels’ Communication Department, any other exploitation is strictly prohibited, and in particular (but without prejudice to the generality), any commercial, advertising, partisan, immoral, defamatory or insulting use intended to denigrate individuals or legal entities and property and/or any other exploitation contrary to current laws in France and in the countries where the data is to be exploited, and/or any association with distinctive signs other than those belonging to Accor.

In particular, content downloaded from the Site is exclusively transmissible to advertising agencies and printers and more generally to any service provider responsible for producing internal or external communication media on behalf of Accor, subject to full compliance with these GCU.

Users undertake not to transfer and/or grant the rights and/or media associated with the documents made available on the Site, to third parties, whether in whole or in part, and whether free of charge or for valuable consideration.


By accepting these GCU, Users and the individual or legal entity that they represent become personally liable. Users have sole responsibility for the use that they make of the data and content available on the Site.

In the event of use contrary to these GCU or to the legal provisions, Accor reserves the right to take any action to protect its interests.

Accor disclaims any liability for any damage that might result from access to or use of the Site, or from the Site being unavailable. Users are responsible for taking all appropriate steps to protect their equipment, data or computer software, in particular against computer viruses circulating on the network.